professional services

Robots Which Observe and Learn

February 2015

Robots are moving out of industrial environments, which are structured and controlled, towards looser and less predictable professional and personal services environments in which they must perform a variety of tasks. But programming the same robot for different tasks is complex and expensive. As an alternative, researchers are looking at new programming methods based on concepts and ideas taken from the study of how human beings themselves learn.

Underground Robots for Sewer Inspection

February 2015

The city of Barcelona has been selected to develop a pilot project for the robotic inspection of underground drainage and sewerage systems, as part of the innovation program of the European Union ECHORD++. This project, which began in 2014 and will end in 2018, is a response to a challenge that every urban settlement in the world has to face.

Telepresence Robots in Business

December 2014

Telepresence robots allow their users to remotely interact with and observe people and their surroundings without being physically present there themselves. Such robots have the potential to add mobility and adaptability to traditional modes of videoconferencing. Their use in the everyday activities of companies and in the realm of business travel is promising as an idea, but in practice it is, as yet, a technology which is at an early stage in its development, with advantages and disadvantages, as reflected by those who have tried it.